Tuesday, 2 October 2007

I bet Robert Scoble never has this trouble.

Another day, another social media-related ignominy.

I've now been press-ganged into liveblogging at an event themed with a giant purple and yellow penis, at which drunken PR people are being actively encouraged to taunt me, fight with me and 'stroke my multi-coloured fur'.

I was thinking of asking to be put in a cage for my own safety, but I have a feeling that might not raise the tone of the proceedings any.

Fortunately my good chum Andrew Smith will be on hand to keep the crowd at bay, armed with his natural wit, gravitas and profound insight into the dynamics of the modern technology public relations industry.

I just hope I manage to post something decent before I'm bottled off the stage with a free sample of Dogs Bollocks Reserve Premier Cru.

(If anyone reading is attending the Flackenhacks on 23rd October, I look forward to seeing you there, and to documenting your antics for posterity.)


Valerie said...

First of all, this makes me think of some of the parties on AbFab, which is Not a Good Thing. ("I... PR. I PR things, sweetie.") Wear your chain mail.

Second of all, I once went to a party where there was a real purple and yellow penis. It was a hot tub party in the early 90s;, I had brought a black light, and discovered that highlighting pens glow under black light. This led to my friend Jopsy stripping down and adorning himself with pink, purple and yellow stripes, then pointing the light at himself with great glee. Ahh, the innocence.

(yeah, yeah, only in California. I know.)

I hope there are no real unclothed, highlighting-pen illustrated penii at your event, as that might tend to disturb your blogging ch'i.

Tim Footman said...

It sounds like everything I hated about university Rag Week, but a bit more archly postmodern.


Fiona Blamey said...

Valerie: Ahhh, the innocent youthful joy of drawing on oneself with a fluorescent pen and then standing under a UV light. We've all been there. Luckily for your friend, he was there in the days before Facebook and YouTube.

Tim: Thank you. Despite all appearances to the contrary, these awards do have a serious purpose, viz. to recognise the achievements of junior PR executives. They're an alternative to the annual industry awards bash organised by PR Week. Tickets for that one cost about £400, so usually only PR agency bosses get to go.

Although personally I doubt that any PR agency is going to want to put a 'Flackenhack Award Winner' banner on its website/letterhead/adverts, given that the logo is a big fluorescent penis. I'm not sure they've totally thought that one through.

Andrew Smith said...

Natural wit and gravitas? Your cheque is in the post ;-)