Friday, 19 October 2007 the DNA database it's fun to be on

Tired of the surveillance society never giving you anything back? Now you can get something nice in return for handing over your most intimate information.

Thursday's Telegraph reported that geneaology website has built a huge DNA database that enables people to trace long-lost family members, and it's proving very popular:

Visitors to simply take a swab of saliva from inside of their cheek and send it off for analysis.

"DNA testing in family history is reaching critical mass," said Megan Smolenyak, the site's chief family historian.

"As more people add their results, the DNA database becomes a powerful asset for users to make connections and discover their family tree."

UK government take note: all you need to do to persuade people to hand over their DNA details (or any other deeply personal information) is to make it seem like fun.

Alternatively, wait for the inevitable widget for Facebook, then plunder the whole lot at once. Surveillance has never been so easy.

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Valerie said...

Actually I think the thing I find MOST disturbing about the site is that it sneakily converts you to a paid, automatically-renewing account if you click on anything tempting.

It does seem like fun, and I agree that it's kind of concerning.

I'm going back to working on the PAPER version of my family tree.