Tuesday, 23 October 2007

And the prize for shortest awards ceremony goes to...

...The Flackenhacks, which by my reckoning took about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Some of this was thanks to the speed-compering skills of Weber Shandwick's Paul Wooding, who was selected on the basis of an impressive ability to tell computer jokes to firemen.

It was also partly due to the fact that in some categories (mainly 'Hacks' Choice of PR Person of the Year' and 'Loveliest Client') there were no nominations whatsoever. Read into that what you will.

Still, hearty congratulations to the winners, and a special round of applause to Microsoft's Phil Devery for the best acceptance speech I've ever heard.

I nicked off to the pub afterwards, but the party seemed to be still in full swing when I passed the Audi Forum in a taxi just now. Good work.


Sean McManus said...

It was a good event, but for some of the awards I didn't know enough about what had gone on to really understand the shortlist and winners. It might have been good to have a bit more story to it, although the crowd was a bit impatient at times so that might not have gone down well.

PaulW said...

I can honestly say that I went down far better last night than I did with the Firemen...(and you can pick as much or as little innuendo out of that sentance as you like.)

The Flackenhacks said...


Valid point. Often a problem with awards.

Next year, we'll put more effort into explaining the shortlist, which was was (I assure you) argued over extensively.

Hope you had a good night otherwise.

Peter from Fullrun

Fiona Blamey said...

We had a great night, thanks Peter. It was very cool to see the creme de la creme of the London tech PR world all in one place, and to catch up with several former colleagues.