Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Let the Flackenhacks liveblogging commence!

Lest anyone forget, tonight I will be part of a select team of crack bloggers (not crackbloggers, they're different and more scary), hand-picked to liveblog the Flackenhacks, the self-styled 'alternative awards for the UK's technology PR and media community'.

Promisingly, the event organisers, anonymous blogger The World's Leading and Peter Kirwan of Fullrun, have already generated some controversy by shortlisting one young whippersnapper for the probably-not-very-coveted 'Tech PR Fuck Up of the Year' award, and then withdrawing the nomination when the nominee cried foul.

(I'm not going to name any names, but you can read the whole sorry tale unfolding in the comments here.)

As an aside, it's interesting that this individual was singled out for an award based on his apparent misogyny, as I'm not sure that The World's Leading is entirely squeaky clean on this issue himself. For a start, he's recently been decorating his blog with stylised drawings of male genitalia and pictures of scantily clad women. The fact that tonight's event is taking place in the undeniably laddish Audi Forum makes me even more suspicious.

Anyway, I very much look forward to taking my seat on the blogging flightdeck this evening, alongside Messrs Smith and Davies. Festivities kick off at 7.30pm. Stay tuned for updates...

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