Friday, 23 May 2008

That linking feeling...

The hour of procrastination is upon us, so without further ado:

A bumper YouTube section

Dollary Clinton, Barack Odollar, and John McCoin take their wearisome YouTube battle over to eBay. Incidentally, can't someone just toss a coin and get this interminable nonsense over with?

Isabella Rossellini's oddest film role since Blue Velvet.

The deeply strange Northern-accented world of David Firth.

Everybody needs somebody. Obviously. Otherwise our heads would just float around.

You'll have seen it already, but what the Hell: Microsoft Chief Eggsecutive (sorry) Steve Ballmer dodging eggs in Hungary.

Sex & The City

Pretend you're one of the Sex & The City girls (if you must) with some New York City bar and restaurant interior design porn.

The bright lights of NYC, again, but this time from afar. More cities here.

Or perhaps you'd prefer something a little more 'street' level?

Some other arty things (this time, happily, unthemed)

Kind of post-apocalyptic scenes that look more realistic than they are, photographed by Lori Nix.

Usually pencils aren't responsible for fully 3-dimensional art...

The world (well, just Australia, so far) in glorious Google Maps tagged panoramas.


Exclusive live bits and pieces from people you will and won't have heard of. The site's mostly in French.

Listen for free to the Radio Soulwax mixes of 2ManyDJs.

More mixing, but of the old C90 cassette kind.

And finally...

No games today, but this is way more fun :) Seriously. I mean, how often do you get to make a pipecleaner Cossack dance to Staying Alive?



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