Friday, 9 May 2008

Links galore

In much the same way that your MP3 player will be filled to bursting after a determined browse of the SXSW 2008 Music website, a visit to this year's Webby Awards winners gallery should keep anyone procrastinating happily for days. So why I'm even writing the rest of this post...

Still, half the joy of procrastination is its pointlessness, so here we go anyway:


What could be more boring than being trapped in a lift for 41 hours? How about the CCTV footage?

An indie musician tries to sell his album, and makes a documentary about it. Thus doubling his money, or doubling his failure?


The release of Grand Theft Auto IV is hardly news by now... but have you found all the Easter Eggs yet?

Even older news, of course, is the range of Nintendo Game and Watch handhelds; but if you happen to fancy wallowing in 1980s LCD nostalgia for a while, here's the site for you.

Further to the other week, another delightfully odd puzzle game: Hapland; in which getting it wrong seems to be as much fun as getting it right. Or I assume so, since I haven't actually got it right yet.


Wired has exclusive video of a working Difference Engine in action. After all these years, someone's actually built one, apparently.

And at the more recent end of the technological timeline, the Smartpen. I wonder if it starts getting stroppy if you only ever use it for doodling?

For the pet that can't be bothered to go outside, the SunSpa.

Book related stuff

The Guardian had news of the Independent foreign fiction prize's winner before The Independent did. Quite a scoop that one...

Borders seems to be trying to beat Amazon and the Kindle to the UK's e-book reader market - bigger stores will soon be stocking the iLiad. Hmm, any guesses what the next version will be called?

Random artiness

The photographic talents of American postal system workers.

One stripy-pink topped girl really doesn't seem to be getting the point of Young Me / Now Me, no matter how often she tries...

And just because the last two links reminded me of it: Found magazine; a magazine full of stuff people have, erm, found, basically.

And finally...

Some helpful advice on life. From serial killers. And Dick Cheney.

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