Friday, 16 May 2008

Procrastination Friday

Yep, it's that time once again, which can mean only one thing: that's right, my watch battery's gone flat again. Great.

Anyway, before wandering off to the shops, I believe I usually post some links here, around about now:

You Tube

An online sitcom about the beginnings of a Christian pop band.

Yet more Jesus people here. The Christianised version of Baby Got Back, anyone?

Google and ye shall receive :) In other words, it wasn't just a dodgy pun I came up with, after all: there really is a JewTube.


Ever wanted to put some poor spider type creature through what appears to be a version of Hell? I was going to say that Triachnid might not be for arachnophobes, but then again...

After that slightly agonising experience, a little zen gardening might be in order, I feel - a little plant care to restore the virtual karmic balance.

An interactive animation movie, you'll have to download R├╝ckblende before you can play it, but it looks like being worth the bother. Preview videos here.

Bookish stuff

Smashwords: a new community aiming to bring together adventurous readers with digitally self-publishing independent authors. Well, something like that, anyway.

Another one for the Games heading, or perhaps another way of writing affecting fiction? Either way, I came across some really interesting blog blurbs about Photopia, earlier. I gather it's interactive fiction, kind of... except not rubbish.

Gadgety things

If I was anywhere close to being a musician I would want this Yamaha notebook (the paper kind). I'm not, of course, but dammit I'd still love one anyway.

A design for a plasma laser-beam-walled pedestrian crossing. Erm, aren't people just going to want to drive through something like that?

Something to consider when the price of oil gets even higher, perhaps?

Random bits and pieces

Lots of new tracks from Indie/nu-folk/whatever musician Joseph Arthur on his Tumbleblog.

Abstract art - a la Mondrian - as a programming language. No idea if it works, though.

Steampunk jewellery. Erm, yep. That pretty much sums it up.

And a not-so-little something for any Star Wars fans who still have more money than merchandise.

And finally...

Have you ever wondered what to believe? Or even what to think, or feel, or wish for? Perhaps you don't even know who to love. In today's unstable, changeable world, it's so hard to be certain about any of these things anymore, isn't it? Well, thank goodness for this, then.

Is there nothing Twitter can't do?

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