Friday, 30 May 2008

An army of links

With all the predictable inevitability of Boris Johnson's first mayoral gaffe, though with rather more cause for joy, it seems Friday is upon us once more. May as well celebrate with a few links then:


American indie types Weezer hand an extra minute of micro-fame to some well known YouTubers with their latest video. If you recognise more than a few, consider your procrastinatory skills well honed.

From old YouTube stars, to ads of the past, among other things.

Is it just me who finds this girl's apparently award winning ukulele bothering antics highly annoying?

Anyway, here's some proper ukulele - even George Formby had nothing on this guy.

General oddness

I'd explain more about this animated head... but I can't. And anyway, its secrets are best discovered for yourself.

Further similarly inexplicable animated oddities here.

In a nice reversal of the usual Hollywood trend, a popular film goes Shakespearean (on your ass): Pulpbard, a wiki project in progress.

The Economist eulogised in rap by teenagers. Follow the link for more info, or download the song here (right-click to download).

Wired recently had an article on websites tracking urban eccentrics - achingly cutting edge place that it is, Radix's hometown has a site too.

Possibly the strangest piece of direct marketing ever. Gives a whole new definition to 'going viral'.

Major wind up

American humo(u)rist Harman Leon doesn't own a dog. So why's he phoning pet psychics?

Private details

Juicy family intrigue in an online archive of wills made in Surrey between 1470 - 1856, with any luck.

Corporal punishment?

Probably not. But still, I can't imagine that even the most hardened coffee drinker would enjoy this brew...

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