Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Windows 7 - seventh time lucky?

OK, now I understand why people hated Vista so much when it came out... What changed my mind? Mostly, being told last night that I neither owned a file that I had just created, and wanted to delete, nor had the 'special permissions' to do so.

Yep, I know, it's a feature that stops the inexperienced from deleting important files that make Windows, you know, actually work; however, these were files from the backup of my old computer, files that I'd transferred over myself, that weren't part of Vista itself, that weren't in any specific Windows folder, and that neither I nor Vista needed - system files, yes; Vista files, no. And then to add futility to injury, you turn to Vista's Help files: nothing short of baffling (certainly on that subject anyway).

So thank goodness, then, for the denizens of online help forums - the unsung, if occasionally rather sarcastic, saviours of IT land.

In a similar spirit of sharing the knowledge, or at least making sure there are plenty of links to it, here are the Vista solutions I found:

- To open a backup created in Windows XP (i.e. a .bkf file) in Vista, this seems to be the program you need.

- And if you later find you can't delete some/all of the files it's transferred, this forum reply tells you how to give your user account the relevant permissions.

As for Windows 7; sorry, nothing to read here - I just liked the title.

UPDATE: But if you want to subject yourself to it before it's ready, go ahead: get a beta copy. Plus, following it with the latest patch might not be such a bad idea, either, I'm guessing.


On the Money said...

Make life easy for yourself, ditch Windoze and load Ubuntu or Suse Linux. Best thing I ever did.

By the way, I like the clean simplicity of your main site.


Tim Warren said...

I've been very tempted, believe me. Most other things I use are open source, so it wouldn't be too big a leap. But right now, things seem to be working smoothly and uninstalling, etc., is never a short job... If I get the old laptop up and running, however, (it's not quite a lost cause, I think), I shall definitely be experimenting.

Oh, and re the site design, not down to me, but thanks :)