Friday, 17 August 2007

How dare you call me inhuman!

For reasons I've yet to fathom, Google has decided this blog is a spam blog. Every time I edit or post something, I have to type a word verification to prove I'm human. I've actually had to request that a Google employee comes to look at it to check that it's authentic.

So all the while I've been wibbling on about what a great writer I am, it turns out I can't even pass a Turing test. It's an odd kind of modern-day humiliation, being accused by a machine of not being human. It almost makes me want to chuck it all in, join the dark side, and breed an unholy army of super-bots to take over the world.

Although probably I'll just go and do a bit more editing.


Valerie said...

For some reason that amuses me no end.

Maybe you are Alan Turing...

Fiona Blamey said...

I was *very* upset that a machine had confused my thoughtfully crafted prose with randomly generated spam.

Although I only wrote a post about it so I could use a bastardised Withnail & I quote as the headline. That made it all worthwhile.