Thursday, 9 August 2007

The Herman Miller Index

Spotted twice in two days in Chiswick High Road: a huge Herman Miller lorry bringing Aeron and Celle chairs to West London's digerati.

I propose a new Herman Miller Index for measuring a previously frumpy neighbourhood's accession to nu-meeja wankiness. With a Herman Miller Index of 2/2, I reckon Chiswick definitely has the edge over, say, North Acton.

Foxtons have been informed of the dual sighting, and a two-bedroom flat on Turnham Green Terrace now costs eight million pounds.

Rock on, Chiswick.

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Valerie said...

During the dot-com crash, we here in California actually a Herman Miller index for impending company death. If a company put too many used Aeron chairs up for sale, we made sure to let the aptly yet pleasantly named FuckedCompany gossip site know about it... It was a sure sign that at least layoffs had been at work, and more likely that they were selling the fancy furniture to pay their last possible bills before bankruptcy.