Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Facebook revisited

If only I were capable of effecting such a neat three-point turn in real life: I have completely reneged on my earlier post and rejoined Facebook.

I'm still very uneasy about the coming-together of my personal life and my professional life in one public place, not to mention the coming-together of my online life and my offline life (which, just to add to the general ambience of Baudrillardian fragmentation, are not the same as my personal and professional lives).

But for god's sake, I'm in charge of social media at Prompt. I can't just run away from what is possibly the most successful online social networking platform yet, simply because it makes me feel uneasy. Why, with that attitude, the crew of the Nostromo would never have gone to investigate that distress signal, and...oh, right.

Having operated under many different internet pseudonyms for years, I still can't quite bring myself to commit to a single online identity, so I've got a different name on Facebook. But on Facebook I am.

(Personally I give Facebook another six months before it becomes so clogged with widgets and 'mood applications' and other third-party tat that all right-thinking adults come to their senses IN THE NICK OF TIME, just like in that episode of Star Trek TNG.)

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hanum said...

I couldn't open my facebook inbox and I was given a warning message from FB Team. What's going on? Do you know? :( Thank's