Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Weekend Links Post: No. 25

Welcome, again, to another entirely subjective selection of 15 links, humanely culled from my week's online reading and roughly collated under the seven broad categories seen below:

Selected Highlights from Guardian Technology (Because otherwise I just don't get around to reading it now it's no longer in the print edition).

Paul Chambers' appeal against 'Twitter joke trial' verdict comes to court - the judge and magistrates have retired to consider their ruling.

Bindi Karia: the 'Queen of Startups'.

The Do Lectures 2010 - a sort of mini TED conference for those who don't mind camping.

Lengthy Facebook outage solved by... that's right, turning the whole thing off and on again.

Twitter internet worm affects thousands of users - but damage is limited thanks to its Web 2.0 foundations.

Social Media

Mashable's 29 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed.

Facebook appears to be chipping away at user privacy again with a "de facto 'Follow' feature".

Twitter to become even more useful to business with free real-time analytics dashboard, to be launched before the end of the year.

Why the editor of Wired UK is not on Facebook.

Books, Writing & Storytelling

Is interactive fiction the future of books? Design agency IDEO thinks so.

The blog begins a weekly series of posts on e-book piracy (a short post to begin with, but plenty going on in the comments).

Useful Apps, Utilities & Downloads

Print Edit: a Firefox add-on that lets you format web pages to print only what you want to print.


Love H.E.R. Madly: free mash-up album, by Figment, blending UK hip-hop tracks with samples from The Doors.

Games & Other Distractions

Find and play old DOS games
: lists its seven favourite sites.


Internet Week Europe, "celebrating Europe's thriving Internet industry and community", coming to London 8-12 November 2010.

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