Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Weekend Links Post: No. 18

Welcome, again, to another entirely subjective selection of 15 16 links (I miscounted this week), humanely culled from my week's online reading and roughly collated under the seven broad categories seen below:

Selected Highlights from Guardian Technology (Because otherwise I just don't get around to reading it now it's no longer in the print edition).

"Old media and new each has its place in the media ecosystem": why WikiLeaks turned to the press.

Datajournalism in action: making sense of WikiLeaks' Afghanistan war logs.

Cory Doctorow: is the iPad/Kindle/similar "curated" computing or "monopoly" computing?

More rumours about a forthcoming Google social network: Google is talking to games firms.

Social Media

Why Ron Bowes uploaded personal details of 100 million Facebook users to Pirate Bay.

Facebook now testing out permanent account deletion.

Will photos and videos soon be part of your Twitter stream?

Books, Writing & Storytelling

Anatomy of a marketing campaign: a fascinating series of blog posts - which has itself become part of the marketing campaign - detailing Melville House's efforts to "get Hans Fallada's Every Man Dies Alone on the bestseller lists".

The five best book recommendation services, according to Lifehacker readers.

Useful Apps, Utilities & Downloads

Start!: a customisable alternative home page for Chrome users.

Lesser-known features of the Google search box.


8bitcollective: extensive online catalogue of chiptunes music (i.e. music made using the sound processing chips from old 8-bit games consoles).

URLs will replace MP3s, says Spotify's Daniel Ek.

Games & Other Distractions

How Channel 4 is re-inventing interactive education - with video games about sex, death and government oppression.


US judge rules that bypassing DRM is legal - if it's for fair use, rather than piracy. (Meanwhile, in the UK: much the opposite story.)

For those who think Nicholas Carr might have a point: how to rebuild your attention span.

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