Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Weekly Links Post: No. 2

Another entirely subjective weekly selection of 15 links, collated under the six seven broad categories you see below (I forgot music last week).

Highlights from Guardian Technology

Aleks Krotoski on the filming of the BBC's The Virtual Revolution, a must watch for anyone interested in the history and future of the internet. Plenty to see on the website, too.

Google shuts down music blogs without warning. And only issues notices to their owners after deleting them.

Google Buzz's open approach leads to stalking threat. Concerns over Google's new social widget's privacy settings.

According to research, newspapers' share of total UK ad spending fell in 2009 by exactly the same amount as the internet's share rose.

Books, Writing & Storytelling

The running order for The Story 2010, a one-day conference about stories and storytelling, has been announced - including Cory Doctorow, Tim Etchells and Aleks Krotoski. Only two tickets still available, but for those not attending on the 19th February, look out for podcasts on The Story's website.

Who is pirating books? How? And why? An excellent article on The Millions looking at the motivations of book pirates (those illegally uploading and downloading books, not Long John Silver).

Social Media

Paperchase is chased by Twitterers and bloggers over copyright infringement allegations. Unable to get a response or apology from Paperchase, Hidden Eloise, the artist in question, posted evidence of plagiarism on her blog (where you can see the whole story unfold). The news hit Twitter, Twitter users self-organised to help force an admission (or at least an acknowledgement and some buck-passing).

You thought we wouldn't notice: a blog dedicated to exposing instances where two things look suspiciously similar...

How to confuse a Facebook user. A post on ReadWriteWeb recently became Google's top result for 'Facebook login', cue lots of confused comments from Facebook users attempting to log in to the blog post.

Useful Apps & Downloads

Not so much an app or download as a tip for any desktop iPlayer users getting the message "programme temporarily unavailable" when trying to play already downloaded content. Basically, it's a case of deleting the contents of the 'Cache' folder in your iPlayer installation (though not the 'Cache' folder itself) - the BBC recommend reinstalling, but that means losing what you've already downloaded. Just following the instructions at the link worked fine for me.

Games & Other Distractions

"There is too much noise..." So begins the gorgeous, melancholic Small Worlds, and your quest to explore five beautifully drawn (and soundtracked) worlds - and perhaps discover what happened to everyone.

Naomi Alderman on 'art games'.


Warner retreats from free music streaming - and what does the future have in store for the likes of Spotify?


Poacher turning gamekeeper? Pirate Bay's spokesperson, Peter Sunde, starts a money sharing site aimed at rewarding artists and content creators who share their work.

Some excellent YouTube interviews with stand-up comedians - including Stewart Lee, Robin Ince, Reginald D Hunter and various others - courtesy of I'm Jack Cooper.

IN OTHER NEWS: I've recently moved house, so will be in the internet wilderness as of tomorrow, pending connection to a new provider. Unless they mess it up again.

In other words, there may or may not be a links post next week. Who knows.

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