Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Back to the future...

More specifically, the future of news; a topic we've featured on this blog a couple of times this month. Following up on those posts, then, here are a couple of podcasts to download.

The BBC's ever wonderful Pods & Blogs has twice this month devoted a chunk of its weekly podcast to discussions and developments around the future of news. Most recently, this week's edition spent some time at the recent Media140 conference (on the future of real-time news) talking to folks from The Daily Telegraph and Reuters, as well as interviewing Guy Degen, who uses mobile technology and social media to enable his numerous freelance reporting endeavours.

For more on Media140 and some of the speeches and interviews just follow the link.

Going back a couple of weeks, Pods & Blogs was also at the JEEcamp unconference (JEE = Journalism Enterprise and Entrepreneurship), an event which describes itself as

an opportunity for a range of people to get together to talk about how on earth journalists and publishers can make a living from journalism in the era of free information, what the challenges are, and what we've learned so far.

An interview with JEEcamp's founder Paul Bradshaw kicked off the week's podcast, before attention was turned to the potential fate of newspaper cartoonists, Matthew Buck and Alex Hughes of The Bloghorn, the digital cartoon blog of The Professional Cartoonists' Organisation, being asked how media developments are starting to affect them and in what ways they and their colleagues are responding.

The show may still be available for download at iTunes; but if not, you can download it from this temporary link.

For more information about the JEEcamp, this article at Guardian Tech looks helpfully peppered with links.

Anyway, enjoy! (And maybe follow the show on Twitter).

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