Friday, 24 April 2009

Twitter Watch: 3

Enough - for this week at least - about Twitter's rate of growth, Twitter vs. Facebook, Ashton Kutcher's quest for 1,000,000 followers (or for English viewers, Mitch Benn's), and all those other identikit stories that seem to surface in one form or another on Twitter every other day. Time, instead, for some (mostly) pointless 140-character fun and nonsense: analyses your tweets, to determine your style of tweeting and your personality - then accuses you of being a POET (if you're me, at least).

The plot to each of Shakespeare's plays rendered in 140 characters, by JS van Buskirk.

Anonymous secret-sharing website PostSecret, but in Twitter form: SecretTweet.

And to make your secret, erm, doubly secret, you could always post it to Textgasm as well, I suppose.

'I tawt I taw a LOLcatz!': cat pictures captioned by random tweets from the Twitter public timeline. More such mashups here, including illustrated headline feeds from CNN and the BBC.

Avast! The good ship Twitter has been boarded by pirates (is nothing safe?): Post Like a Pirate (if you must).

Apparently you can win $5 on Twitter, just for knowing stuff. Who says Twitter's a waste of time?*

Because poking's not nearly annoying enough for just the one social network: Twaction.

An (almost) daily Twitter themed comic strip.

Why use Twitter to roll dice? I don't know... because you can?

And if all that was too exciting for you; well, you should probably get out more. If it's raining again, though, you could always calm down with a quick meditate: at selected time intervals InnerTwitter will send you reminders to 'Stop. Listen. Pay attention to what is before you.' (Also handy if you are out, and crossing a road, probably).

Next post: almost certainly something other than a collection of links; I should have a bit more time next week, hopefully.

*not one of the questions.

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