Friday, 29 August 2008

Links to break your mouse to

At the end of a busy week (and it has been) what better way to relax than with some noisy, frustrating, nerve-jangling, brain-stretching, adrenaline-pumping online gaming? Well, a nice cup of tea and a book would probably do the trick. But you can't link to them, so browser games it is, then.

And a little YouTubery:

YouTube [Links via VSL].

A balloon floats, from famous movie scene to famous movie scene, right through the history of cinema.

Sweary, satirical, clip-art web-comic Get Your War On is now available in animated form [possibly NSFW].

No food was harmed in the making of this video - Western Spaghetti by PES. More by PES here.


Fantastic Contraption: build contraptions, to get a pink thing to another pink thing. Way more difficult than it sounds...

Paint a small red ball into a corner: Paintball - The Game.

More drawing with the mouse; this time to obliterate blue blocks while avoiding pink ones: Valo.

Batman might be in the cinemas at the moment, but here's a Spiderman-esque side-scrolling puzzler.

The aptly named Irritating Game - if you can keep the balls in the air for more than 15.5 seconds you're doing much better than me (click the Union Jack in the bottom corner, unless you prefer to have your scores insulted in French).

Curveball: not unlike playing Pong in a well, but with spin shots.

How about a game you can play using just the space bar? Onekey - possibly the ultimate game for multi-taskers.

mySQLgame: if you know SQL commands you can play it and look like you're working; for everyone else it probably will be work.

Indulge in Machiavellian plotting and villainy in the interactive fiction of Varicella.

Lastly, another game in which you take sort of an anti-hero role: Arachnophilia, a game of frantic web building and bug trapping.

And finally...

Ever thought Calvin & Hobbes would be funnier with Steve Jobs as Calvin's semi-imaginary friend? No, me neither, but it's still well worth a look: Calvin & Jobs.

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