Friday, 13 June 2008

Link, link, link, link, link

Actually, there'll probably be more than five links, but you get the idea.


Movies have gone Open Source, apparently. The latest seems to be Big Buck Bunny - think Dreamworks style animation.

Someone really isn't impressed by the Wii.

Cats + Look Who's Talking = this.

Radiohead's Nude played by a ZX Spectrum and some old computer parts. For some reason.


Possibly one of the easiest games ever. You just have to burn a rope. And jump a bit.

This game looks like a dinosaur. Which is entirely appropriate, since you have to save one from fiery asteroid wrought extinction.

Are you sitting in an office doing repetitive tasks and trying to avoid a supervisor? This might be the game for you. Or not.

Read the sweary clipart comic. Or play the game. The choice is yours.


Two health risks in one convenient easy to carry package.

Or if you're trying to quit, just replace the fags with these.

You can even get an electronic rolly, these days.

Odds and ends

Still can't get Channel Five? Starting to miss Neighbours? Thank goodness for live telly on your computer.

Much the same thing, but for news junkies.

Or how about a little consensual stalking?

And finally...

Do you have a cat? Ever wondered what it gets up to when you're not looking?

Here's how to find out.

If you don't mind robbing it of all its enigmatic feline mystique and invading its furry privacy, obviously.

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