Friday, 11 April 2008

This week's procrastination fodder

Well, after six more days of rest and relaxation, it seems Friday has once again decided to grace us with its welcome presence. If only we all had such cushy jobs...

Sadly, of course, we don't.

But what we do have is procrastination - the ray of light in the darkness of our working days! Not that days seem to do much work, apparently...

Anyway, the rest of us do, which is why you'll be needing these links. Today's (quite loose) theme: words.

YouTube clips

[Er, clearly, I didn't really have YouTube in mind when I came up with that theme... but still, one or two things presented themselves this week. Thankfully.]

Wikipedia's full of words, and so's this documentary: The Truth According to Wikipedia. Erm, the words might be in Dutch, though (I haven't watched it yet, and now my computer's refusing to play it, so I have no idea. UPDATE: Nope, they're in English. Phew).

This one combines both words AND procrastination. Or at least some very skillful procrastination using things you might use to write words. There's even a National Championship in Japan.

A whole load of videos, courtesy of Wired, of toys that sound like they're saying words they probably shouldn't. Question: if it's a toy, and it's not really saying what it's saying, is it still NSFW? Your call, I think.


How to describe Poesysteme? Fridge Poetry left to fend for itself, was the best I could come up with. At present, it's more of an interactive screensaver, but it's kind of an interesting idea. And might be good, if you feed in some real text, for generating aleatory cut-up poems.

Not words exactly, and not a text adventure either, but on the other hand, Super Serif Brothers! is a platform game composed entirely of letters and punctuation. You control the letter I, appropriately enough.

Some other wordy stuff

Erm, I guess there are quite a lot of words on social networks (I told you the theme was quite loose)... Well, anyway, they're great for procrastination, so here's a browser designed especially for the social web: Flock.

More in keeping with the theme, though, maybe you could use your new browser to engage in book club type chats on Book Glutton? It's a "community for people who want to read, share, annotate and discuss, right inside the text", so it says. Here's a YouTube video of how its "proximity chat" feature works.

Or why not point your browser (and probably your headset too) at another kind of social network and learn a few foreign words? Language learning, in fact, being the whole point of these: Livemocha, VoxSwap, My Happy Planet, palabea, and indeed many more besides.

And finally...

Light isn't the only thing a little procrastination can bring into your working life. How about a little bit of colour too? Just type a word in here to find out what colour people think it is. A fuller explanation can be found here (though not of why friendship might be purple).

Actually, that wasn't nearly as interesting as I'd hoped, so here's a music video consisting almost entirely of virtuoso shadow puppetry.

Erm, no reason.

I just liked it.

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