Thursday, 15 November 2007

Social Media Club, tonight, H&K, Soho Square

Tonight I'll be putting off finishing the packing in order to attend the Social Media Club debate organised by Hill & Knowlton (where I used to work once upon a time) in their office bar in Soho Square.

The event has a very topical theme: it's a discussion about how (if at all) PRs and marketers should pitch to bloggers and podcasters.

Here's the summary:

Pitch Off! The Love-Hate Relationship Between Bloggers and Marketers

In this session, we'll explore the changing relationship between bloggers/podcasters and marketers. Do bloggers want to be 'pitched' to by companies eager to tell the world about their latest, greatest products, and if so how should this be done? And what about the marketers – at what point does building relationships with bloggers verge on spamming? By bringing together the 'pitchers' and the 'pitched' we'll try and identify some mutual common ground.

I've been both pitcher and pitched in my time, so it should be interesting. Plus it's free to attend, which sounds like a bargain to me! You can view the attendee list and sign up here.

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