Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The sleep of reason produces stationery

While I was on holiday last week, Jeff Jarvis appeared to me in a dream. (This is true.)

Did the uber-media-blogger and proponent of all things 2.0 want to impart his wisdom about the democratisation of political debate, the future of local reporting, or the potential of Facebook to provide people with a single identity across the whole interweb?

Sadly not.

But he did give me a goody bag of BuzzMachine notebooks, presumably in which to record my own fifth-rate thoughts on the future of society and that.

Thanks Jeff.

Still, paper, though - not strictly very 2.0, is it?


Sean McManus said...

Did I read that right? You're criticising Jeff for something he did in your dream?

That's as bad as the time I woke up annoyed with Prince because I spent all my dream waiting for a Prince concert to start and the first note I heard was the alarm clock.

Fiona Blamey said...

Rightly so, Sean - Prince owes you for that. Maybe he'll give you a free copy of the Daily Mail when you buy his next album.

Sean McManus said...